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Toddlers & Preschool

Day Care Serving Islip Terrace, NY

At Chatterbox Day School, we offer programs for children 18 months of age through kindergarten. All classes enjoy weekly music and gym classes, as well as computers in their classroom.
The first step for toddlers is a giant one. Usually, this is the first time away from a home environment and into a group situation, which is why we encourage independence while handling the separation in a positive, loving, and reassuring manner. Our day care program focuses on respect for one another and ourselves.

For toddlers, learning is play and play is learning. All activities are developmentally appropriate and presented to stimulate the senses. This program is based on what children need to know while creating a happy experience that positively influences their future attitudes towards school. Class size is limited to 10 children.
Day Care Islip, NY

Preschool Programs

Since this is many children's first experience away from home in a structured environment, we concentrate on their socialization skills in the beginning of the school year. Learning to share, taking turns, and participating in group activities are all things we take for granted, but children must be taught at this impressionable age.

Our early childhood education program will also begin to explore the world around us and the basic skills of color and shape recognition, visual discrimination, and spatial concepts. By the second half of the school year, we focus on math and reading readiness skills using various activities, including arts and crafts, music, cooking, stories, and games. The children will also start learning to form letters and numbers using the Handwriting Without Tears® program. 
Pre-Kindergarten Program
This is truly a preparation class for children who will enter kindergarten the following September. In addition to the usual arts and crafts, music, blocks, and dramatic play, we concentrate on math and reading skills. The curriculum also covers letter and number recognition, writing skills using the 'Handwriting Without Tears' program, and beginning phonics. We explore the world around us through science activities and field trips.

Our teachers present this with creative, exciting and stimulating activities that motivate every child. Class size is limited to 16 children with a certified teacher and an assistant.

Our early childhood education programs will have your little student ready for school in no time!

For more information about our fun and educational preschool programs contact us at (631) 533-5228 or (631) 581-4756.

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